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In it’s latest press release about it’s demographically targeted social housing policies Labour Oldham states “Oldham Council has unveiled the first new homes that have been built in Central Chadderton as part of the £113m ‘Gateways to Oldham’ PFI contract.” OMBC term the new homes as creating a sustainable community but in actuality the houses have  a 50% allocation by needs which means all 50% of this section of tenants may have benefits as their only source of income. The other allocation is 50% WorkingXtra "The WorkingXtra criteria rewards those applicants on the register who are working more than 16 hours or are actively volunteering or making a contribution to the community" rewarding people who work just 16 hours per week tell’s you more about the composition of Crossley Estate than any other statement. DEFINE SUSTAINABLE: 87 homes with tenants potentially working 696 hrs per week or an average 8 hours per week per home. Chadderton Central & Crossley Estate borders Werneth, Werneth has 59% more children than the England average. Chadderton Central & Crossley Estate borders Coldhurst, Coldhurst has 68% more children than the England average. Chadderton Central has 1.6% less children than the England average & here lies part of the problem & the reason why Crossley has been chosen as a buffer to soak up excess population. This is also why Foxdenton has suffered & will continue to suffer for the next 15 years the worst consequences of the expanding Oldham population and the family demographics currently massively subsidised by an average of  £7,195 in tax-credits per year. Whilst this Labour propagated false economy continues wages will remain the lowest in Greater Manchester & the population of core Labour voting wards will continue to expand with no regard for the future of Oldham whilst receiving more in benefits than the sum of Income Tax, National Insurance & Council Tax paid. In our contributory based political & social system that is zero contribution.


All is quiet on the failing “troubled families” program in Oldham so here are the facts as of March 2014: 680 families identified as “troubled”, 586 families worked with as of the end March 2014, 6 of those families achieving continuous employment & 280 achieving crime/anti social behaviour expectations, 19 families achieving “progress to work outcome” as at the end of  March 2014.


In it’s latest round of discriminative policies Labour Oldham has committed to maintaining “early years” spending in the Coldhurst ward alone as a prerequisite for it’s application to The Big Lottery Fund to win “Better Start” initiative funding specifically for the Coldhurst ward. The Council states this “will impact on the wider budgets for early years and increase the proportion of expected savings to be made by other wards outside Coldhurst” The ward has 67.7% more children as a percentage of the ward population than the England average.


Oldham Labour Council is now the only North West Town authority offering settlement checking services for migrants wishing to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK as the partner of a person who is in the UK and settled here.


The Council today swore in the new mayor Fida Hussain a Labour councillor for Werneth. Mr Hussain has 5 children & lives in a ward with 58.7% more children than the England average, that has 86.2% more total out of work benefit claimants than the England average, a ward that gets 30% of all Oldham Priority Programme Funding grants & voted a massive 90.3% for Labour in the recent local elections. The Oldham Labour Council leader Jim McMahon said 'you are Oldham through and through' at his mayor making ceremony. I couldn't agree more although I would add you are Labour Oldham through and through.


New figures for 2013 highlight the reason why the Oldham traditional family unit section of the population seems indifferent about average wage rates that are some 20.3% below the national average. In 2013 10,300 'working families' in Oldham each received an annualised average £9,796 in tax credits. Almost ten thousand pounds on top of a wage is a staggering amount of in-work benefits that totally negates any Income Tax, National Insurance, Council Tax & a large proportion of VAT paid on goods & services. 7,400 out of work families each received an annualised £6,482 in tax credits. 2,400 working families with no children received an annualised average £2,542 in tax credits. When universal credit completely takes over in the UK benefit system it will no longer be possible to access benefit statistics by type & amount and the spiraling costs & inequality inherent in the tax credits system will be lost as it becomes a part of the whole.


what does the current unprecedented rise in children living in the borough mean for the Oldham economy? Labour Oldham says an increasing youth population is good as they will fund the pensions of tomorrow but Labour Oldham never chooses to discuss the financial costs associated with bringing those children into educated adulthood in Oldham. Negative contributions: receiving more in benefits than the sum of Income Tax & National Insurance deducted from a persons salary. Remembering that current pensioners never had access to many of the modern day benefits before their retirement including tax credits, figures show that basic pension payments for Oldham in 2012 cost approximately £194,000,000. Tax credits paid to working and non-working pre-pension adults (£168,593,600) when combined to housing benefit costs totaled £206,570,101. 26.3% of all Oldham homes (Dec 2013) were in receipt of tax credits with the average annualised amount received being £7,195 a rise of 18% from 2011/2012. 10,400 'working families' in Oldham each received an annualised average £9,796 in tax credits. Almost ten thousand pounds on top of a wage is a staggering amount of in-work benefits that totally negates any Income Tax, National Insurance, Council Tax & a large proportion of VAT paid on goods & services. 7,400 out of work families each received an annualised £6,482 in tax credits. Compare these figures to the average Tax & National Insurance deductions on a £15000 wage which is approximately £1,850. Oldham is a false economy where childless singles and couples are the most disadvantaged people in Oldham shut out by deliberate political policy that creates an interdependence between the Labour Council & target demographic “family” voters. Compare this to the inequality of a  single Oldham person already denied access to social housing & working over 30 hours per week being paid a miserly £13,000 per year who is entitled to just 86 pence per week in tax credits. Many of today's parents will be in a negative contributory situation for 20 years or more of their working lives receiving over five times more in tax credits each year than they would ever have paid out as income tax & national insurance. Many of these parents have voiced the inexcusable opinion that pensioners should be subjected to austerity, a withdrawl of the winter fuel payment, lose their rights to a free bus pass & TV license so families can have more. Families within the high end tax credits niche in Oldham already get the lions share of all Oldham public spending from Oldham Council, the NHS, Central Government and local authority housing partners whilst in real terms financially contributing absolutely nothing to the services in which they cause backlogs, shortfalls & over-subscription.

10/04/2014 updated 04/07/2014

Today saw the release of the 'Migrants in low skilled work' report from the Migration Advisory Committee some of the most relevant issues & observations to the Oldham population will be highlighted in orange: “Migrants in low-skilled jobs are concentrated in certain parts of the country. This means some areas are likely to experience possibly significant impacts, while other areas may experience very little or almost no impact at all” Clearly the continuing migration and asylum seeker allocation in Oldham affects service provision, resource allocation, employment availability & culture at every level, Oldham has experienced unprecedented population expansion especially in the youth population yet has 10,709 less workplace based jobs than in 2004. Three-quarters of the total increase in migrant numbers 2001-2011 occurred in just a quarter of all local authority areas of England & Wales. The report found that national studies on immigration dilute the true local outcomes “Because of migrant concentration by area, it is likely that the (possibly considerable) impacts at the local level become lost in the national average”

“EU-born migrants are predominantly seeking work, while most non-EU migrants cite family reasons as their main reason for migrating to the UK. In the absence of a specific route for low-skilled migration from outside of the EU, this may indicate some system abuse (e.g. students coming to the UK to work)” For the last five years non-EU student inflow numbers have been steady at around 155,000 so outflow numbers should be broadly the same as people return home after completing a degree yet the number returning home last year was 50,000, just a third of the number that should have returned home. Oldham is expanding it’s higher education offering and institutions such as Oldham College have a license to issue tier 2 student visas directly thus creating yet another avenue by which immigrant numbers can increase in Oldham.

One observation for the Conservatives & Liberals at the council along with Labour is the misrepresentation of current record employment levels which I have to admit I missed but is glaringly obvious “However, much of this increase in employment is a consequence of the increase in working-age population such that the employment rate (employment divided by working-age population) has not increased but cycled without showing an upward trend between approximately 68 and 76 per cent for this entire time period (1971 to present). The employment rate in the three months to January 2014 was 72.3 per cent”

Construction jobs around the town centre building schemes, Metrolink & PFI housing in Oldham has been lauded as a land of employment & apprentice opportunity by the Oldham Labour Council with further opportunities available in the hospitality sector after Hotel Future & the Old Town Hall schemes have been completed. Yet the report identifies how construction & hospitality fall outside the Gangmasters Licensing Authority & are open to abuse with the increase in temporary, casual & agency employment. “based on what we have seen and been told, we are concerned that the interaction of a flexible labour market with relatively unregulated labour providers (especially in the sectors such as construction, hospitality and care not covered by the GLA) is contributing to reduced compliance” The Oldham Care Homes Association recently accused Oldham Council of refusing to pay the real costs associated with care in independent care homes.

To conclude the report stated mass immigration of  low skilled workers DOES impact local social housing, NHS services, schools and other public sector services yet does not add any beneficial increase at all in per capita GDP contributions. Local authorities such as Oldham Council know this which is why the report authors met a wall of local authority silence. “At local authority level our objective was to gain a much better understanding of the dynamics of recent immigration and how issues related to employment, housing and social cohesion are inter-linked, especially in those areas experiencing rapid increases in EU and non-EU migrant populations. But some local areas that would have served as ideal case studies were clearly unwilling to engage with us” no surprise as to the unwillingness of local authorities to participate because most people would be truly shocked at the information contained within closely guarded statistics, costs & facts regarding the impact of mass immigration in areas with high migrant numbers.


Official documents show that the building of Hotel Future has actually been delayed because Oldham Councils funding eligibility has not yet been clarified because funding is normaly only provided to Greater Manchester Further Education colleges and private training providers. The Hotel Future scheme is the only one out of 17 proposals in Greater Manchester that has a Council applying directly for funding.


A lot of people still contact chronic-oldham asking about the Councils plans for Oldham Town Centre, Oldham Council do not engage with us so we form our opinions on what literature is available. It would seem so far that Oldham Council is following the assessment recommendations for Oldham Town Centre conducted by The Greater Manchester Combined Authority “GM Town Centres Project: Concluding Report” I have made an unedited PDF copy of the relevant Oldham section of the document which is available to download by clicking the file link below, it makes interesting reading and I have highlighted in yellow statements that I found striking.

Click Here To Download


At tonights full Council meeting Labour leader Jim McMahon answered questions about the Town Hall Cinema project costing's with an interim cost projection some 20% higher than the amount he communicated a year ago. The scheme is now projected to cost £36,000,000 some £6,000,000 more than a year ago. The Council had previously stated in 2012 that they are also willing to underwrite the cinemas performance meaning they would cover an operators operational losses.


Chronic-Oldham has no connection with UKIP, Joe Fitzpatrick or any other political party!

At no point was my permission given to any political party to place my web address on their leaflets. This website remains factual in the reports, statistics & analysis it conveys whilst (1) vehemently opposing EU membership (2) fighting against the Oldham Labour Party & it’s continuing discriminative demographic specific spending & regeneration policies aimed at securing core votes whilst creating almost 2/5 of a billion in debts for Oldham residents. Chronic-Oldham remains an independent resource of information that will not be used by politicians for juxtapositioning. By all means link to this site but do not imply that it is part of your organisation.


In 2004 there were 84,346 workplace-based jobs in the Oldham area by 2013 the figure had dropped to 73,637


At tonights full Council meeting Labour leader Jim McMahon answered questions about the Town Hall Cinema project costing's with an interim cost projection some 20% higher than the amount he communicated a year ago. The scheme is now projected to cost £36,000,000 some £6,000,000 more than a year ago. The Council had previously stated in 2012 that they are also willing to underwrite the cinemas performance meaning they would cover an operators operational losses.


The new Oldham Town Centre small play area cost over £39,000 to build, the Council once again demonstrate economic ineptitude & an inability to understand that the Town Centre needs to attract a better retail offering and people with money to spend. This will not happen whilst the Council ignore the realities of retail competition with other GM authorities & out of Town retail parks. A child's play-area outside Primark sends a clear mesage about the councils (lack of) aspirations which will discourage external shoppers & new high quality retail businesses. Comparing the Oldham facility as similar to Cheshire Oaks as the Council does is just ludicrous. At the same time during a record year for UK parks achieving green-flag status the majority of Oldham parks were not put forward for the prestigious accolade saving the Council  just £6000. Only Alexandra Park & Dunwood Park which have both received six figure grants were put forward for green-flag status, in 2012 Oldham had seven green-flag parks. There is no justification for withholding funding for parks whilst spending nearly £40,000 on a play area with three pieces of equipment in a Town Centre that has seen hundreds of millions spent on hair-brained schemes & voter targeted social demographic housing that have delivered no economic benefits. Labour Oldham is deliberately seeding over-population with almost twice as many children as a percentage of the population in the Oldham wards bordering the Town Centre than the England average. Other areas are completely excluded from any positive regeneration spending whilst Labour Oldham creates a discriminatory Town Centre model tailored to the ‘lowest common denominator’ devoid of any class and rendered an unattractive prospect for the casual visitor.



As roadwork's start at the Foxdenton development on the same morning Oldham Labour Council lauds it’s green policies to the Britain In Bloom judges let me just clarify why the Foxdenton area has been sacrificed and identify how it is part of Jim McMahon’s discriminatory socialist policies which reward the Oldham wards that contribute the least & cost the most in return for their votes. With the exception of the LGBT community & the disabled, neither of which qualify for priority programme funding in Oldham, all other so called socially excluded groups socially exclude themselves whether that be the authoritarian religious communities or the masses of Oldham scruffs who live in multi-generational squalor considering a large family to be their right and everybody else's responsibility.

Oldham's spiraling unprecedented child population is concentrated in just 7 wards, when these wards are excluded from figures the other 13 Oldham wards have the same percentage average of children as the England average. The excluded 7 wards have an average of 47% more children than the England average. Between the financial years 2011/12 & 2012/13 the average tax credit payment in Oldham increased by18%. So either the relentless increase in external migrants with children arriving in Oldham and the exodus of families North from the South driven by benefit rent caps adding to Oldham’s entrenched benefit subsidised demographics is the reason for the increase or the Tories felt generous last year and awarded an 18% increase.

These are statistical facts the comment is based on the fact and the fact is sacrificing one area because of another's inability to self-regulate and become a sustainable asset as part of the whole is completely immoral.


Sad to see the Waterloo Mill just off Union St & the Town Centre Metrolink route has closed. Metrolink has revitalised Oldham according to Labour Oldham yet a friend speaking to the owners of the Regatta outlet was told they were closing because the Metrolink has taken customers away. Contrary to the implied lie that Scoots Suits and Boots came to Oldham because of the Council’s £1,000,000 retail regeneration fund as reported in Oldham Council’s August edition of Borough Life they were originally supposed to move into the Waterloo Mill last August, as reported by The Manchester Evening News, before actually opening a shop on Yorkshire St instead. The Waterloo Mill story has gone unreported in the local press as have many other retail business closures in the Town Centre in 2014 including various businesses in The Spindles/Town Square & the cafe on Church Terrace.


Oldham Council is joining the Governments One Public Estate programme along with Manchester City, Trafford, Bury, Salford and Stockport. The rhetoric states that “the programme uses land and property released by government to boost economic growth and regeneration” In reality the Local Government Association (LGA) run the programme to encourage sharing services whilst Central Government green-lights selling assets of the local Government that are under Central Government control leading to more of the same centralisation of Council services around target wards. Just like regeneration & disproportionate spending is almost completely allocated to privileged wards bordering the Town Centre so will service locations as the Council sells off land and buildings within wards outside the Town Centre for house building to gain a capital receipt & additional Council Tax income. This is an act of homogenisation to hide the escalating cost’s associated with over-population & unsustainable fertility rates in a number of ever expanding Oldham wards whilst disregarding public opinion in sustainable areas as they have done at Foxdenton. Town Centre assets such as the Civic Centre offices outside the tower block will be decommissioned & in all probability sold to provide student accommodation and ethnically targeted homes as per the GMCA Town Centres Plan


WTC= Working tax credit. CTC = Child tax credit

Working families in receipt of WTC and CTC

Working families in receipt of CTC only

Out-of-work families receiving CTC

Families With no children receiving WTC only

No of Oldham families





No of Oldham children





Average annual payment










Tax credits in Oldham drive migration, over-population & suppress wage rates: current cost £168.6 million December 2013

52% of all UK households now get more in benefits than they pay in taxes, 37.9% of non-retired households get more in benefits than they pay in taxes. The percentage rate for Oldham is far higher but authorities will not share the figures. There are now 41.9% more non-retired households receiving more in benefits than they pay in taxes than in 1980 that's 7,300,000 households. Just to clarify this is not because of unemployment benefit payments but in the main because of family tax credits levels which currently pays £5 billion a year to foreign nationals alone. Is it any wonder the NHS is on it’s knees & Council budgets have been cut when so many in real terms contribute no income tax, national insurance or council tax.


The Charity Commission is investigating Human Aid UK which has offices in Oldham & London.The regulator is investigating concerns about the charity's management, including concerns about poor financial controls and record keeping, including inadequate fundraising controls, and concerns about a lack of trustee oversight. This charity has a defined religious agenda not obvious by it’s chosen name or the list of work undertaken. Reading the charities events page shows their work which has included Syria & Gaza seems to be as interested in expanding Islam as the usual charitable endeavours of food, shelter, medicine & safety. The latest advertised fundraiser is for Gambian orphans “Your funds will help to support orphans and the construction of an orphanage” in actuality the money is to promote religion "By fundraising you will help orphans and students memorise the Qur’an and help construct a Hifz’ul Qur’an Institute/Orphanage." Personally I don’t give to any charity that uses donations to brainwash children with their chosen superstition, it is morally wrong and I am sure many people don’t realise how their donations are being spent.


In the second quarter of 2014 A8 Eastern European UK worker numbers grew by 178,000 from a year earlier the 2nd highest increase ever taking the total to over a million for the first time ever. What a pity Oldham Labour Council nor the Government want to communicate the cost to "real tax-payers" of this relentless immigration to Oldham & similar towns. A migrant family of 4 with one adult working for 1/2 national average wage (£26,500) £13,250 will double their take home pay through child tax credits, housing benefit & child benefit which they are entitled to almost immediately. Paying “in work benefits” to people from other countries means they financially contribute nothing in taxes whilst putting massive strain on the NHS, local government services & housing.


Oldham Council has pledged £50,000 to train warehouse workers as HGV drivers helping them into higher-paid employment which speak's volumes about Oldham Council's two-faced double standards as it see’s a need to help warehouse workers out of low paid employment whilst forming a joint business venture & supervising turning Chadderton’s last piece of undeveloped green heritage at Foxdenton into a huge sprawling minimum wage warehouse park.


Statistics released today show that in 2013 28.8% of all births in Oldham were to mothers born outside the UK. Between 2012 & 2013 the non-British resident population of Oldham is estimated by ONS to have grown by 27.2%. I challenge Oldham Council to release figures showing what percentage of non-retired households in each Oldham ward get more in benefits than they pay in taxes as this will show the true financial cost of migration.

If there is any doubt about what the Labour party & it’s policies have done to Oldham try this comparison with other local Towns. 63.6% more Long Term International migrants arrived in Oldham than left in 2013 in Rochdale the difference was 22.2% in Manchester just 25.2% & in Stockport inflow & outflow cancelled each other out. Figures released in the last week show that Greater Manchester houses 1 in every six asylum seekers in Britain with the vast majority concentrated in just 4 of the 10 Greater Manchester authorities; Manchester, Bolton, Rochdale & Oldham which currently houses 539 or 2.4% of all asylum seekers. Oldham does not benefit from being a dumping ground for the UK & the rest of the world’s poor we have enough of our own, it is about time that other more affluent areas of the UK that champion open immigration were subjected to the consequences by being designated as both immigrant dispersal areas & promoted abroad as migrant friendly.

Updated 06/09/2014

Santander are merging their two Oldham branches which means yet another empty retail unit in the Town Centre on High St.


During Oldham Council's two week long "festival of work" let's put this Oldham Labour Party "Get Oldham Working" rhetoric into context with the bigger picture of employment in Oldham. It's target is to provide 2015 "work opportunities" by 2015 & that does not necessarily mean jobs yet there are currently 10,709 fewer workplace jobs in Oldham than were available in 2004 & the borough also has 9000 more residents. Average wages in Oldham are 20.2% below the national average wage and the self-employed have experienced a 22% fall in their average earnings since 2008. I know of two people who have been forced by a lack of suitable work and job centre pressure into becoming self employed, neither earns more than £200 per month.


It would appear that Oldham Council have employed a polling firm for a phone survey on residents opinion of Oldham & has also spent £5,675 of taxpayers money on an animation telling residents that they need to save the Council money due to budget cuts. This puts into perspective Labour leader Jim McMahon's comments yesterday about  the effects of devastating budget cuts on the Council when his spending priorities include such trivialities. We also note that there are enough Council funds for the Town Centre floral displays to be  tended to by a team on a daily basis yet the Council have stopped collecting their own grass cuttings when mowing their own ground around residential properties leaving the organic waste free to litter the area.


Cash strapped Oldham Council have agreed to pay hospitality specialists HVS £25,000 to conduct a feasibility study & business plan with three delivery options for the Council’s much delayed Hotel Future project. It is amazing that the Council hadn’t already conducted a detailed feasability study before the project was announced over 2 I/2 years ago at the beginning of 2012 or that they attempted to secure direct government funding from a grant system only open to further education colleges & private training providers


Cash strapped Oldham Council intends spending £90,000 of taxpayers money to install CCTV on Union Street just to assist with illegal parking that affects the Metrolink, also conveniently left out of the Councils budget cuts animation was that they're spending £202,000 for phase 1 footway and carriageway improvements on a 500 yard section of Park Road. Apparently the scheme could be delivered at a cost of approximately £170,000 without the addition of the trees and footway improvements but the Council did not choose that option as “Councillor McMahon requested that the footways be upgraded and to be tree lined”. Phase 2 on the same section has a budget of £400,000 making a nice austerity busting round figure of £602,000.


I suggest everybody listens to Sam Walker’s interview with Oldham Council leader Jim McMahon on Radio Manchester where he clearly loses his temper when she questions his “cloak & dagger” response in failing to disclose the financial costs of the Old Town Hall Cinema  project to the taxpayers of Oldham.

Click Here


Our video response to Oldham Council’s “Our £60 million budget challenge” which is a mix of the usual deceptive averages & selective rhetoric.

More Old Town Hall Cinema ironic economics as Oldham Council plans on spending another £11,180 for an additional 26 day's cost consultancy services as it scrambles to deliver some semblance of a structured financial plan & accurate cost projection.


Oldham Council is consulting residents on a proposed £120,000 investment in Shaw market “Option A – Relocate the market to Market Street (Between High Street and Farrow Street) using demountable stalls on market days. Option B - Relocate the market to Milne Street and the Milne Street/Eastway car park using demountable stalls on market days” Not really much of a consultation when there is no option to keep the market in it’s current traditional location.The Council are lauding this as a significant investment yet as a direct comparison they have just allocated another £123,000 of funding for the continuation of painting in Oldham Town Centre.


Oldham Council's “£60 million budget challenge” doesn't seem to include Oldham Town Centre as they strive to acquire yet more Yorkshire St business premises. This time it is the Old Mess House pub in what appears to be a measured strategy to buy ex-licensed premises & change their use even though they can not find retail tenant's in the main centre let alone the bottom half of Yorkshire St. Despite the media reputation of Oldham's once busy Town Centre nightlife which only ever concentrated on the negative aspects both politicians & residents (of a certain age) alike forget that it used to contribute many tens of millions into the Oldham economy. The small scale of Oldham’s current night-time economy makes the Town Centre a far more dangerous place to socialise than when thousands visited in the past.


These figures are taken from Oldham Councils “The impact of welfare reform in Oldham” report, a more appropriate title would be The financial & social impact of high fertility communities. The out of work cap on benefits is £26,000 per year & Oldham has seen some benefit payments reduced by £150 per week meaning that before the Conservatives capped benefits these families were in receipt of £33,800 per year in benefits. Almost all affected are large families with 4, 5 or more children.

There is no cap on "in work" benefits & “in work” in Oldham is defined by working 16 hours or more per week, volunteering or caring for a relative. Gone are the days when the mean for “in work” was working 35 to 40 hours per week.

It is the same wards in every data-set contributing the least, costing the most & getting disproportionate funding, grants and improvement spending from Oldham Council. These issues of over-population & inadequate financial responsibility need addressing. It is not the responsibility of every sustainable ward in Oldham to suffer disproportionate cutbacks or be sacrificed on the alter of Labour Oldham’s socialist vote gatherers who shy away from tackling communities where fertility rates are rooted in religious doctrine or wards with multi-generational families who see their status as parents as a career choice.


Benefit cap by ward*

% of total caps

St. Mary's










Medlock Vale


St. James'


Failsworth West




Chadderton North


Failsworth East


Chadderton South


Royton South


Saddleworth North




Chadderton Central




Royton North


Saddleworth South


Saddleworth West and Lees


*All households affected as at May 2014

As reported previously Oldham Council spent £5,675 of taxpayers money outsourcing their “Our £60 million budget challenge” video production to a Manchester based production company. It has come to light that the Council employ two digital media officers & four graphic designers. If you can draw you can animate & these internal employees should have been capable of producing the video in-house.

Perhaps these teams were busy designing Oldham Labour Councils propaganda tools such as the “Borough Life” paper & the hoarding's telling people everything there is to know about the Town Hall Cinema conversion other than how the £36,000,000 cost is being funded.


Claims that Oldham’s Blue Coat Church of England Academy has a discriminative admission policy have not been upheld by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator. The objection concerned “the overall extent to which preference is given to children from Christian families and its effect of excluding applications from children from the local South Asian families”.


49. I do not uphold the objection that the admission arrangements indirectly discriminate against the South Asian families who live in the local area. I conclude that the over subscription criteria are in line with the Code.

50. I do not uphold the objection that the school contravenes the Equality Act because I am of the view that the admission arrangements are a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim. I conclude that as a Church of England academy school it is justified in its aims to provide a Christian education for children of the Diocese of Manchester.

51. I do not uphold the objection that the school has not paid due regard to the PCED. I acknowledge the school’s intention to include children of other faiths by ring-fencing the newly created school places.

52. I do not uphold the objection that the school should change its faith based over subscription criteria to fall in line with other faith schools who do not use faith-based criteria. The degree to which admission authorities prioritise pupils by the use of over subscription criteria is a decision for them. I conclude that the admission authority which has chosen to use these over subscription criteria is in line with the Code and the law.”

Chronic-Oldham is of the opinion that there should be no public funded faith schools or academies, religion causes exclusivity & divisions in society between both followers of conflicting versions of theism & those who consider all religions as superstition. Using implied racial discrimination as an argument is little more than a dirty tricks ploy as all religious institutions & their devout champions are discriminative it is a symptom of mislead piety not an issue of race. Cultural cohesion can only be achieved when religious considerations are taken out of politics, education & matters of the public realm & placed in people’s personal private lives where they truly belong.


Cash strapped Oldham Council's is giving £50,000 for playing field work to transitioning independent Academy Richmond School because of Metrolink work inconvenience. This is another example of Oldham Council's disproportionate regeneration, grant & co-op spending for Coldhurst which is one of Oldham's top three contributes the least & costs the most wards & ironically also one of the top three wards for the percentage of Labour Party voters.


2013 Long-Term International Migrant Inflows Minus Outflows

Positive figures shows how many more migrants arrived than departed





















Labour Oldham Council and MP’s Debbie Abrahams & Michael Meacher’s shameless cynical attempt at vote gathering & appeasing the religious masses by flying the peace flag for Gaza over the civic centre and delivering a petition to Downing Street needs to be addressed, so here goes. Let's start with common ground and say that anyone, any-faith or any group inflicting violence upon another other than in self-defence when life & limb are in peril should have their actions considered an aberration of human behaviour and every decent person has a duty to speak against it. There are currently 10 wars in which over a thousand people have died in a twelve month period and an additional 8 military conflicts around the world so Oldham politicians & communities choosing just one conflict to champion their humanity is arrogant and belies discriminatory undertones. In July 2014 at a full Council meeting the new Labour Mayor’s Imam delivered the pre-meeting prayers where he said as part of prayers "help those who are suffering & facing difficulties in all parts of the world especially Palestine" Not an exceptable statement to make and I can only imagine what uproar would have resulted in prayers that specified Israel. Oldham politicians need to stop pandering to religious communities and deal with human beings from all cultures on an equal humanitarian real world basis. Flying the peace flag for Gaza & the flag of sexist, authoritarian, homophobic religiously oppressive & violent Pakistan a week later to celebrate their independence anniversary shows the Labour Party's prejudice and inability to say no. Whether it is the murdered families of Gaza or the 1000 victims of crassly titled honour killings every year in Pakistan, it is religion masquerading as divine culture that causes divisions & excuses the pious and their group superiority complex their crimes of genocide & murder.


Oldham Council leader Jim McMahon's take on the sale of Royton precinct quoted in the Council’s press release is that the new owners are buying into Oldham Councils developments which is incorrect & ignores the fact it was bought as part of a group of 144 retail properties in a job lot by a company that specialises in buying group portfolios of businesses in receivership. As new owners they will of course strive to improve the precinct & make it profitable regardless of Oldham Council’s plans.


Oldham Council £60 Million Budget Challenge video asks residents for money saving suggestions in the wake of austerity budget cuts. Yet in 2011 today's Oldham Labour Council which was then in opposition said if they got in power rather than reducing services they would save money by "reducing the communications team, axing the council magazine, reducing members’ allowances and ditching the current administration’s priority projects such as entering Britain in Bloom" Despite many more cuts since 2011 the now Labour Council has been cutting services & jobs whilst still publishing the Borough Life mag, entering Britain In Bloom, refusing to reduce the number of councillors & employing 17.5 full time employees in the communications department.


With all the political & social lies and rhetoric about the cost of benefits in Northern Town’s such as Oldham which always targets the single unemployed with complete responsibility for all the woes of society we thought it was about time the true scale & cost’s of benefits in Oldham were identified along with the recipients. As you can see job seekers allowance does not make the top 5 list of benefit costs but for comparison purposes the cost in 2013/14 was £21.4 million.

(Note: tax credit figures do not include single people without children because figures are not published due to the average payment being less than £40 per year)



£168.6 MILLION









Oldham Council are employing Manchester University to support the integration of Roma people in Oldham. Apparently mass immigration by yet more non-English speaking poverty stricken migrants to what is the poorest, unhealthiest Town in Greater Manchester with the lowest wage levels, a shortage of school places & social housing and that has 10,709 fewer workplace jobs than in 2004 is just a question of integration. Everything will be rosy it seems when the lack of cultural understanding is addressed within the Roma community so that certain sections can learn it is not acceptable to indulge in anti-social & criminal behaviour. What it would seem is acceptable is the ever expanding indigenous and migratory family under-culture that are receiving more in benefits than the sum of Income Tax, National Insurance & Council Tax paid, it is no wonder these people show little concern over Oldham wage rates & Oldham Council’s massive debts when in real terms they contribute no money towards the public sector upkeep of Oldham & have their wages subsidised by an average £9,796 in tax credits alone per year. Between the third quarter of 2013 (July-September) & same period in 2014 the Bulgarian & Romanian migrant worker population in the UK grew by 49,000 which is a 35% increase in a single year.


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Oldham Chronicle forum regular Councillor Dave Hibbert who uses the moniker Dave from Chadderton clearly admits in his comments that Oldham Council underestimated the Old Town Hall's poor condition & as a consequence got the plans & costs wrong. Pictures show that most of the building was to all intent and purposes unrecoverable and has been demolished. Mr Hibbert still finds time to patronise critics to cover up Oldham Council's mistake which is spending two to three times more on a heritage based cinema complex now estimated after a 20% increase in the last year at £36,000,000 & without any private financial backers than would have been needed for a complete new fit for purpose building. He states “The fact is that work on buildings that have been unused for a long period often reveals problems that may not have been apparent at the start. This can extend the timetable and increase the costs. I'm confident that the end product will be one that sensible and reasonable people will find impressive.”

I have never seen a JCB inside a Grade II listed building before that has had its floors, roof & most of the walls demolished, clearly English Heritage would only allow this to happen if the condition was dangerous & beyond repair.



Once again we have cash strapped Oldham Council, which already has almost two fifths of a billion in long-term debts, issuing what is a premature press release about yet another Town Centre regeneration scheme which currently has no funding in place, no financial plans approved nor private developers or investors onboard. Known as the Prince’s Gate the development at Mumps is lauded by OMBC as follows  “Oldham Council is unveiling a ‘gamechanger’ masterplan for the town centre’s eastern gateway to bring new shops, housing and jobs – and is hoping to attract missing retail giants like Marks & Spencer. It aims to regenerate this gateway site, establish a quality town centre living offer, redevelop redundant land and attract key new retailers. Overall it would deliver around 150,000 sq ft of extra retail space, up to 800 homes, including apartments, and approximately 700 car parking spaces.” Let’s not forget that perceptions of Oldham Town Centre are built on fact not fiction as recently obtained Police data under Freedom of Information regulations show’s that six out of the top twenty shoplifting hotspot stores, of  the ten local authority areas that make up Greater Manchester, are in Oldham three of which are in Oldham Town Centre - Debenhams, Boots & Home Bargains.

Taken from Oldham Councils FAQ page “What will it cost and who will pay for it? The council is looking at all possible options which include developing it ourselves, joint ventures and working with a development partner.”

So far in the Town Centre we have Oldham Council creating considerable new debts with the Old Town Hall Cinema heritage project which is behind schedule, has no private financial backers & currently is projected to cost £36 million which is an increase of more than 50% in the last two years as wet & dry rot was discovered throughout the entire building after construction work had started and large areas had to be demolished due to structural failure.There is also the Hotel Future development which is in limbo almost three years since it was announced; this is due to poor planning, lack of a feasibility study at scheme commencement & Council funding issues, the Council are due to announce the findings of a new feasability study in December, no doubt this will mean the Council borrowing even more money. We also have a new sports centre which is being built in a relocated position clearly chosen to serve the educational campuses rather than Oldham’s Council Tax paying residents & Town Centre shops that benefit from footfall trade, the new centre will offer less sports participation facilities than the current leisure centre but more spectator seating, less facilities new or otherwise is not an improvement it is a reduction in services.

Drone flight showing the last large undeveloped space in Chadderton that will be lost to Oldham Council’s sycophantic Broadway Green 500 unit housing development and warehouse park scheme with partners Foxdenton LLP


Oldham Academy North spent £85,000 on free bus travel & £15,000 on taxis which is a fifth of it's pupil premium grant. The premium is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils & close the gap between them and their peers. The reason given was because parents in Coldhurst & Westwood felt apprehensive about walking a mile to Royton.


Net migration has increased by yet another unsustainable 260,000 for the year ending June 2014. For the year ending September 2014, Romanians have the highest number of new national insurance numbers issued of any nationality, a whopping 104,000 followed by Polish citizens with 98,000 new national insurance numbers. Very few low-skilled migrants come to England with the intention of just claiming unemployment benefits this is a fact as left-wingers point out at every opportunity but the availability of huge sums of money classed as in-work benefits for families with children is without doubt the driving force behind mass immigration to already poverty stricken & service stretched Town’s such as Oldham. Needless to say the escalating huge cost of Family Tax Credit, Housing Benefit & Child Benefit payments to migrants is always ignored by the pro-open-door immigration collective & the majority of press & TV.


In the 5 year period 2009-2013 Oldham had 3,585 new business startups & 3,735 business deaths meaning by the end of 2013 Oldham had 150 fewer businesses than in 2009.


Cash strapped Oldham Council is currently spending £412,281 of council tax payers money per year renting office space yet has chosen to house the Oldham Youth Council which consists of members aged 11 upwards within offices in the Civic Centre.


Greater Manchester now houses 1 in every 4 asylum seekers which is a huge increase from just a couple of months ago when it was reported that 1 in every 6 asylum seekers lived here. The number of asylum seekers resident in Oldham increased by 8.3% in the period from April/June 2014 to July/September 2014. There are no asylum seekers in the Home Secretary Theresa May's local authority of Windsor & Maidenhead.


£60 million budget challenge Oldham Council is allocating £4.1m from the 2014/15 budget's resources into underwriting fund raising for the new Coliseum/Heritage scheme in 2015/16. All £4.1 million is from prudential borrowing (Government loans).


The Oldham branch of the Liberal Democrats have been communicating how their political coalition has brought 10,000 apprenticeships to Oldham since 2010. The other side to this coin is that apprenticeships which have more in common with 1980’s YTS schemes than traditional apprenticeships may pay as little as £2.73 an hour & since 2010/2011 3,890 of the these 10,000 Oldham apprenticeships have been given to people over 25 years old. This has lead to accusations that the scheme is being used to play a numbers game that both hides the true level of unemployment & allows employers to pay very low wages whilst being subsidised with training grants for training they would have carried out with staff regardless.


The latest Ofsted North West report shows that Oldham Schools have the lowest levels of good or outstanding leadership in the North West and that Oldham has the 4th lowest percentage of pupils attending good or outstanding Secondary Schools in all of England’s 150 local authority areas.

The question needs to be asked how Oldham school services will cope with the massive planned house building and population expansion program such as 500 new homes to be built at Broadway Green when children are already crowded into a poorly run local education system. Three key problems in Oldham are major contributors to the local education systems problems (1) The Governments opt-out academy system is poorly designed, divisive & open to both spending abnormalities (see item further down this page) & manipulation by those with an agenda other than secular fact based education. (2) Immigration levels from Eastern Europe & other developing nations to Oldham puts unfair burden on schools to deliver results for children from other Countries many of whom have no formal education & do not speak English. (3) Introverted communities (not just the religious ones) which are maintained, preserved & expanded by purposeful local government policy. Take Coldhurst & St Mary's for example (these are Oldham Councils findings) "School readiness: children start at a lower level at school which matches foundation stage evidence. School outcomes will be poorer in these wards, leading to poorer employment outcomes, Low qualifications and in some areas low engagement in lifelong learning. High numbers of benefit claimants, More translation costs, Greater demand on primary and secondary health care and social care, Greater demand on police"



Oldham Council is set to consider a Council funded appraisal of the delivery options available for it’s much delayed Hotel Future project on Monday 15/12/2014 almost three years since the scheme was first announced. We reported in July that official documents showed the building of Hotel Future had actually been delayed because Oldham Council was attempting to access Government funding normally only available to Greater Manchester Further Education colleges and private training providers. It would seem that the truth is Hotel Future's timing now mirrors Greater Manchester’s devolution timetable which would give the Greater Manchester Combined Authority control of the Apprenticeship Grant allocation process for all Greater Manchester which is currently under control of central Government. This financial year, 01/04/2014 to 31/03/2015, Oldham Council spending forecast on the Hotel Future scheme has been reprofiled & adjusted to £3.5 million, this seem’s a huge amount of money for a scheme that is still at the starting gate.


Showing the true nature of local government public consultation Oldham Council partners Foxdenton LLP have set up a website to keep residents informed about the Foxdenton development (Broadway Green) some 22 months after buying the website domain & after planning permission has already been granted & excavation work has already commenced. Public consultation’s have consistently seen the general public’s voice ignored, examples being votes against the congestion charge & the Oldham Town Centre Metrolink expansion from Mumps, votes against having a Manchester Mayor just 2 ½ years ago & the ongoing new Saddleworth School site debacle.


On Wednesday 17/12/2014 Councillors in Oldham overwhelmingly rejected a motion which called for their wages to be cut after UKIP Cllr Warren Bates obtained figures which show a 50% cut would save £225 thousand, the basic payment rate to Oldham Councillors is £9000 a year. Under Jim McMahon’s tenure as Oldham Council leader the average wage in Oldham has slipped from 16% below the national average to 20.2% below the national average.

Despite Oldham Council leader Jim McMahon’s defence of Oldham Council’s levels of debt at last nights Council meeting it remains a fact that between the three financial years 2014/15, 2015/16 & 2016/17 Oldham Council have entered agreements & borrowed over £152 million in prudential government loans for this three year period leaving Oldham tax-payers with decades of debt repayments. None of Oldham Council’s regeneration schemes have had any investment contributions from private companies nor developers who  clearly will not invest in construction & infrastructure schemes in Oldham Town Centre because of the levels of crime, low pay, supplementary benefit payments, poor qualification attainment & high poverty levels. Current schemes such as The Old Town Hall Cinema & Prince’s Gate will potentially see high street brands taking up residency as tenants in bespoke units developed & funded by Oldham Council & in the case of the Odeon Cinema the Council has also offered to underwrite any operational losses.


In it’s latest press release “Work is progressing well on Oldham town centre’s multi-million pound leisure facility” Oldham Council continues to  champion a downsized new sport’s facility with less opportunity for sport’s participation but more spectator seating as a positive sign of regeneration. It’s also true that Oldham Council is relocating the Town Centre sports facilities to serve the educational campuses rather than council-tax paying residents otherwise how would they justify the facility being built in an area with up to 200% the levels of NOx pollution from vehicular emissions than the current leisure facilities location.